Oblongata Technology Solutions is always holding a single faith, to deliver secure, effective, stable and cost-effective IT solutions and services to our partners and customers

Why Us?


Inspired by imaginations, driven by innovation. We believe newness come from the way we think, not from technologies themselves. We keep exploring ideas to provide top-class services and solutions.


We guarantee to provide quality and professional services and solutions.


Oblongata provides independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations with an eye forward future to offer best solutions to our clients. We also offers the strategic spectrum of services, starting form business requirement, planning, implementing, supporting and training etc.


Based on hundreds of our client success stories, our professionals help commercial and international public sectors to solve toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes, applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions.


Our core expertise is in the area of enterprise solution: System Integration and Samsung MFD and enterprise application: SharePoint management and administration, SharePoint data protection, Office 365, SharePoint migration and Office Automation etc.

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