Features of our Enterprise Data Storage and Backup services:

  • Enterprise-class management, analysis and reporting
  • A fully tested and optimized backup and recovery systems
  • Trustworthy backup and restore process
  • 24×7 administration and technical support
  • An understanding of what data storage is deployed and alerted when thresholds are reached
  • Predictable costs to support your data storage infrastructure
  • We monitor and manage most major data storage infrastructure platforms from IBM, NetApp, HP and EMC. Count on PTT for:
  • Break/fix and monitoring
  • Local support, remote access & level III engineering
  • Storage resource management and data administration – solution design, technology evaluation and planning, backup & compliance archiving
  • Hosted solution services
  • Capacity and performance management
  • LUN allocation
  • Immediate incident detection and accurate reporting
  • Metering of storage capacity, with associated billing information.



Managed Network Services

Switch & Router

Oblongata investigates whether the customer’s network environment and its utilization comply with the new business and/or technical standards. This will also create a more stable, reliable, cost-effective and manageable network environment in line with business and technical needs. Our network services are one of the ways to lower the infrastructure costs while performance can be increased by our transformation services such as network acceleration and virtualization. These services enable companies to shift their workload from dedicated routers, firewalls and load balancing appliances to virtual service architecture which is capable of dispensing scalable capacity on demand.


Whatever you need a hotel WiFi network, retail WiFi network or a high density user WiFi network, Oblongata network team can engineer a network to meet your unique requirements. Providing services from the cost effective yet high-speed solutions for small hotels / retails, to large scale enterprise grade networks for high occupancy facilities, our WiFi engineers have experiences of designing networks of various sizes and usages, and engineering WiFi networks for large and complex venues such as high rise luxury hotels. Casinos, resorts and conference centers.

Network Security Assessment

To avoid security breach and loss of critical business data, it is necessary to define, identify, and classify security gaps in your network. Oblongata provides numerous assessment services as below:

  1. Network Architecture Design Review: Security-orientated evaluation of your network-based computing environment, from both architectural and operational perspectives.
  2. Network Vulnerability Assessment: Efficiently evaluate network’s security posture from different locations, by scanning the network for vulnerabilities and manually validating the results.
  3. Internal and External Penetration Testing: Identifies and exploits existing vulnerabilities on internal and external networks, providing a practical security evaluation of network infrastructure.
  4. Wireless Security Assessment: Security-orientated evaluation of wireless network infrastructure by assessing the effectiveness of network security and identifying security issues and vulnerabilities.

Network Maintenance

Daily network maintenance is a fundamental task to every network administrator. By outsourcing this task to Oblongata team, OPEX can be reduced, while head-count control, ability to adopt new technology and flexibility can be greatly increased

Security Assessment

  1. Information security assessments can be effective for identifying and fixing issues in your enterprise’s policies.
  2. The ultimate goal is to spot and fix the weaknesses before others exploits them. Oblongata security professionals will take proper steps, so that the identified risks can be understood, resolved or otherwise accepted as part of the information risk management lifecycle.


Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory integration facilitates central management and synchronization of Windows user accounts. By adding Windows users in Active Directory, the system will automatically create Security Center users and/or cardholders. Besides, synchronization is automated so that the overall process is more efficient. Typical manual interventions and errors can also be eliminated.

Oblongata is also capable of implementing Azure Active Directory — the Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service. Azure AD can be integrated with existing Windows Server Active Directory, allowing organizations to leverage their existing on-premises identity investments and manage access rights to cloud based SaaS applications.

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange is a popular Microsoft messaging system that includes mail server, e-mail program (e-mail client), and groupware applications. It allows users to accomplish unique Outlook experiences via mobile phones, tablets, desktop, and the Web. From business perspective, integration with Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive helps you collaborate better when receiving, editing, and sharing documents, without even leaving the Outlook.

Microsoft System Center

Oblongata offers Microsoft System Center service that helps businesses discover market insights from data stored anywhere, and enables the development of a wide range of modern business applications as well as empowers IT departments to support users who work out-of-office, while being able to manage any devices in a secure and consistent way. With PTT integration with Microsoft System Center, datacenter complexity is greatly reduced so that business can focus on optimizing applications and workloads through their life cycles.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

By facilitating Desktop Virtualization, users can consolidate resources anywhere, anytime—while data and compliance are being maintained. Users’ needs can be meet with peace of mind by developing desktop virtualization.


From small business to enterprise, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution is critical to keep business running. We offer Power UPS solution ranging from 1KVA to 300KVA to ensure that data and equipment are properly protected while processes are not interrupted. The product provides continuous power supply and conditioning for a variety of applications including Aerospace / Defense, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical, High Tech, K12 / Higher Education, Professional Services, Retail & Wholesale Trade, Scientific Labs & Research, and Transportation.

All electrical facility needs are covered with Power UPS solution. We offer a complete portfolio of equipment from which to choose including:

  • Single and three phase UPS for all required capacities
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Transient voltage surge suppressors

Power UPS solution is constantly innovating technologies to meet and accomplish customer expectations.

  • UPS redundant parallel architecture
  • Power space vector modulation
  • Back-up power switching controls

Having over 20 years of experience in electrical industry with a wide mix of successful installations, Power UPS solution create and execute solutions with full coverage.

  • Support for multiple vendor products
  • System lifecycle management
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

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